Council for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

The Council for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL), composed of faculty members who have been recognized for their demonstrated teaching excellence, provides a mechanism by which faculty, staff, and administrators can work collaboratively toward the improvement of instruction and the advancement of learning in UIC’s culturally pluralistic community. Through the development of programs, policies, resources and rewards, CETL strives to encourage every member of the academic community to develop interests, abilities, and achievements as both teachers and learners. CETL offers various programs and resources to support excellent teaching and learning throughout the UIC community including:
  • Teaching Recognition Program (TRP) is a program to recognize and reward documented excellence of UIC faculty in instruction.
  • Curriculum and Instruction Grants (CIG) is a seed fund to support faculty initiatives designed to enhance the quality of teaching and learning.
  • Departmental Teaching Excellence Award (DTEA) recognizes the commitment to teaching and documented instructional excellence of departments and other academic units.
  • Resources provides publications, reports, links, and other instructional resources for faculty, staff, and administrators.